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My love with media started when I was 15. I would go with my father in the summer as his assistant shooter. I would be in charge of getting B-Roll Videos and candid photos. Who knew that the summer job would turn into a lifelong obsession. If you were to ask me then what I wanted to do with my life, you will get the same answer as I would give you today. Shoot and capture littles moments of everyday life and present then in unique light not noticed or realized. In my journey so far, I had the pleasure of working and teaching many of my friends who now enjoy working and creating their own pieces art.

My favorite camera is my iPhone because it never leaves my side. I take the simplest of problems and create the most complex solutions. I take way too much pride in my work. I tend to tinker with a problem until I am able to fix it.

Today my life revolves around my kids Raadhaye and Krishna. For this reason, I have chosen to became a Freelance Photographer and Cinematographer. This simple reason affords me opportunities to spend time with my kids and family and still be able to take on work based on my terms and availability.

So about me, who am I? What are my likes and dislikes? What makes me tick? I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I believe the chosen one was not Anakin but Luke. I’ll take Superman over Batman any day. Wolverine can never be killed because of his healing power, regardless of what the MCU made it seem, it’s a sham.

In addition, I take pride in saying, that I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Nobody likes us, but we don’t care. If you like to debate any of the above facts lets meet up, have a coffee and discuss. I will be happy to help you change your mind.

Andrew Shade
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